why have you angered him

followthebluebell eugh oh this seems so wrong ah

this is the angriest gecko I’ve ever seen and I’ve thought a lot about why they’re so angry.  So this vine was made from a clip by BHB Reptiles (aka Snake Bytes TV).  I disagree with them on their leopard gecko keeping: the cohab.  I believe this is a breeding set-up: it’s a trio (or quartet) of females who have been bred and are now prepping to lay their eggs (with the draw-back of not knowing which female laid which eggs… :/).  In at least one of the videos, he recommends ‘power-feeding’ your animals to get them up to breeding size by the time they’re 8-9 months old.  

Some geckos are just angry animals but I don’t believe this is one of them.  ALL of the geckos in the bin are fearful, so they haven’t been handled very much (which is common in large breeding set-ups like BHB).   They have one hide: the one that’s pictured.  So if they want to hide AND not be humid, they can’t regulate that.  He often keeps 4 females per 28 quart bin (7 gallons).  He claims cohabbing this many females in such a small cage is ‘perfectly fine’.

yea.  I have strong feelings about this guy.  I don’t know how he is at keeping snakes, but I’d avoid him and his shitty advice regarding leopard geckos.  

He is just as bad in keeping snakes, I promise.

Tbh this video never sat right with me because ALL of the geckos look like they’re really upset and afraid. It would be one thing if it was just the one guy but given that they’re all in the back being avoidant it sets off the alarm bells

I really REALLY dislike this guy. Honestly if you go and watch his videos on his leopard geckos on animal bytes TV a good majority have MBD, even some hatchlings he shows. Its horrible because you know people are going to see that stuff and not think theres anything wrong with it because “BHB didn’t say anything about it so its not a bad thing!”

Im sick and tired of seeing breeders who don’t care about their animals more than profits and keep them in super small un-stimulating cages. Im sick of all the people defending these practices because “they’re a breeder”
I want to hold breeders to higher standards than your average keeper, and BHB for me falls far below. Hes no better than petco or petsmart as far as I can see. (even his knowledge on their morphs seems really questionable so genetically even I would not trust)


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