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this is the angriest gecko I’ve ever seen and I’ve thought a lot about why they’re so angry.  So this vine was made from a clip by BHB Reptiles (aka Snake Bytes TV).  I disagree with them on their leopard gecko keeping: the cohab.  I believe this is a breeding set-up: it’s a trio (or quartet) of females who have been bred and are now prepping to lay their eggs (with the draw-back of not knowing which female laid which eggs… :/).  In at least one of the videos, he recommends ‘power-feeding’ your animals to get them up to breeding size by the time they’re 8-9 months old.  

Some geckos are just angry animals but I don’t believe this is one of them.  ALL of the geckos in the bin are fearful, so they haven’t been handled very much (which is common in large breeding set-ups like BHB).   They have one hide: the one that’s pictured.  So if they want to hide AND not be humid, they can’t regulate that.  He often keeps 4 females per 28 quart bin (7 gallons).  He claims cohabbing this many females in such a small cage is ‘perfectly fine’.

yea.  I have strong feelings about this guy.  I don’t know how he is at keeping snakes, but I’d avoid him and his shitty advice regarding leopard geckos.  

He is just as bad in keeping snakes, I promise.

Tbh this video never sat right with me because ALL of the geckos look like they’re really upset and afraid. It would be one thing if it was just the one guy but given that they’re all in the back being avoidant it sets off the alarm bells

I really REALLY dislike this guy. Honestly if you go and watch his videos on his leopard geckos on animal bytes TV a good majority have MBD, even some hatchlings he shows. Its horrible because you know people are going to see that stuff and not think theres anything wrong with it because “BHB didn’t say anything about it so its not a bad thing!”

Im sick and tired of seeing breeders who don’t care about their animals more than profits and keep them in super small un-stimulating cages. Im sick of all the people defending these practices because “they’re a breeder”
I want to hold breeders to higher standards than your average keeper, and BHB for me falls far below. Hes no better than petco or petsmart as far as I can see. (even his knowledge on their morphs seems really questionable so genetically even I would not trust)

Me: There is no way the ethics or standards of animal welfare at BHB can disappoint me further at this stage….


Rihanna is killing me here.

Thank you everyone for the commentary on this video.

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#sorry i had to#its pretty much how i feel rn#specially after i saw his#HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS BREEDING REPTILES!! video


That was a pretty horrific video. And we got to see how he keeps the older niles. Could a monitor cage be more lacking? Monitor cage is right behind him in this screenshot, the one on top.


And then feeding blue tongue skinks only dry dog food with a scoop of cat food once a week as a treat just seems…… Hm. 🙂 Prioritizing costs over the animals’ well being to the max. I’ve only seen people cut that many corners when they make paper snowflakes.

I give large breeders some slack usually but there’s a point where it’s just not enough.

Adding my comment too because y’know what? I was a BHB fan when he first started SnakeBytes and all that, mostly because it was like finally a good YouTube channel about reptiles! But the more I see about his husbandry, the more I’ve decided to drift away because I don’t approve of any of it either. Big breeders always tend to ditch the animal’s well-being over making more money and it sucks… That’s the main reason I look to smaller breeders if I’m thinking about buying animals.

So yep… BHB? Not a fan anymore

I’m going to be a hipster and say I’ve hated the practices/level of care at BHB since before tumblr started to talk about it. I thought “Oh these guys look cool let me subscribe.” The first video I watched all the way through featured juvie leopard geckos in cages with actual piles of feces in the corners. I know for a fact it took longer than a week to accumulate to that size given the gecko/cage size. “Welp.” I meant to screenshot it and share it but never got around to it. I’ll have to find it.

I only recently found out about this dude and have only seen a couple videos (the screaming, and a “study”). I was pointed to a video recently, and I knew he was doing a so-called study/experiment (at the expense of his animals) for profit. Like he was given a product for free and then tested it on his animals in a biased way so that it would come out on top with poor methodology. It was appalling and obviously he was kind of, y’know, getting a deal to endorse it. Yikes.

reblogging for commentary. I’ve had conflicting, mixed views on BHB for a while. I stopped watching the videos for the most part, and most recently saw his video on BTSes and was pretty gravely shocked and disappointed with the advice he gave on their husbandry and the food they were kept on.

Keeping intelligent lizards like monitors, BTSes, in understimulating environments and a lacking diet… just makes me sad.

Honestly I keep my distance from the reptile hobby at large because I see reptiles treated as products first and animals second, and I can’t support something like that.

I watched a bunch of there videos and there was one where he first started to keep geckos and one of the employees, straight up told him that she did not think he was cut out to breed geckos, and that they where in a por condition cous he did not treat them well.(it was a long time since i saw this though so i dont know how accurate this is or if its still out there)

Cherrysnak is talking about this video where they straight up tell them “ill be marking the ones that are dead” and he tries to sell them on it as “ill be pumping out babies”. Granted that video was posted a year ago but its still horrifying. After that “how to make millions” video my disgust for him has gone further than it was before. Its deplorible and someone like him should not be held up as an example for the comunity to follow. More of a person to look at for what NOT to do.
Also that video shows a good example of disgusting dirty cages with feces piled, and how carelessly he handles the geckos like they are just “things”

Im sorry for reblogging this again but it has some more very good and informative comments on it


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