I just found out my roommate’s dad has an extra key to my car and has been using it to ‘test’ my car and make sure it still runs well when I’m not using it…

The idea of someone getting into my car without me knowing makes me REALLY uncomfortable, even though I don’t keep anything important in it (the only stuff I really keep in there are two first aid kits) and that he can drive it anywhere he wants and do whatever with it since he has a key for it that I didn’t know existed, and they won’t give me because ‘in case of emergencies’ even though it’s MY car….

Yeah, no. I do not like this.




stressed. — lemon balm tea.
bloated. — peppermint tea.
slow metabolism. — green tea.
nauseous. — ginger tea.
sleepless nights. — chamomile tea.
common cold. — elderflower tea.


let’s be honest though, millennial hate is totally a thing rich folks started because they’re pissed that we have really unpredictable consumer habits and it isn’t as easy to get us to buy into stuff, so they’re mad we aren’t just money giving/traditional economy supporting machines like they expected us to be

like look at how much millennial hate articles are things like “millennials aren’t eating cereal and it’s hurting the cereal industry” or “millennials aren’t buying houses and that’s bad” or “millennials #1 utmost priority isn’t trying to make as much money as possible” and rich folks are mad about it, so just posturing our unpredictability/nontraditional values as “laziness” gets everyone else on board the hate train in some weird attempt to collectively subdue us







Where is this guy i wanna find him and get one of these if at all possible

She’s was just a random artist in New York and was just sitting by her booth thing and I was like OMG DAD STOP I SAW SOMEONE ELSE DO THIS THING ON TUMBLR AND I WANT TO GET ONE OF THE THINGS

i literally shouted “no way”