kuroba101: theskyyends: onlyblackgirl: kathereal: kraizynkonfuzed: This some preemo fuckboi type shit. You mad cuz she a stripper? Nigga was really that skeptical that he had to try and find some “dirt” to dig up lol…Bet his Black ass woulda been … Continue reading

astronomy-to-zoology: Hemiphractus fasciatus …is a species of hemiphractid frog that occurs in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and possible Costa Rica. H. fasciatus typically inhabits humid lowland, montane and cloud forests. Individuals are active at night and will prey on other frogs … Continue reading

tkingfisher: c-is-for-circinate: biodiverseed: Fern Fiddleheads: Are they Edible? Sola dosis facit venenum In the springtime, a special delicacy to be had is the emerging, curled frond of the fern, called a fiddlehead because of it’s resemblance to the scroll of … Continue reading