So maybe you’ve seen someone parking in a handicap spot and then walking right into a space or maybe you’ve seen a wheelchair user move their legs or get up from their chair, maybe you’ve seen a cane or a walker user take a few steps without it, maybe you’ve seen younger, prettier, even larger people using power scooters at the market or at theme parks? In case you missed it, NONE of those things imply that someone is “faking” a disability.

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wheelchair=/=paralyzed from the waist down all the time!!!!!!

people with many different types of disabilities use wheelchairs! ugh i wanted to vomit when i heard that this fucking monster of a person at my old job made a comment about my friend “faking it” when she saw him move his legs. like….there are so many different types of disabilities??? how do people not know this???

I really needed to watch this; my prejudice was really bad 😔

It’s very reaffirming to see this response, thank you so much for sharing ❤


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