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All tests should be open book. It’s not like your future boss is going to say, “I need those tax returns finished by noon, but don’t look at any of the financial statements. Do it all from memory.”

Exactly! You should be tested on application of a concept not memory

I’ve told this story before but idc I’m doing it again.

My dad once taught some class at a conference. He gave everyone a worksheet and after watching them flounder for a few minutes on their own he said, “You guys know you can talk to each other and work together, right?” These were industry professionals who suddenly reverted back to that must-not-collaborate mentality when put in a classroom setting.

school fucks us up soo bad

It becomes more and more obvious every year that public school as it exists was designed to prepare people to enter the factory system in the 1930s.

In case anyone didn’t know, the above is literally true. The modern public school system was designed a little over a hundred years ago by captains of industry to train people to do the dehumanizing labor needed on assembly lines.

Human beings crave meaningful work that makes them feel accomplished and resourceful. Humans like to feel like they’re part of a community, and see the results of a job well done. These desires are incompatible with industrial and post-industrial economies, so people have to be brought up in a system that crushes as much of this desire as possible and convinces them that any remaining scrap of yearning for dignified labor is not worth acknowledging or pursuing.

Class periods that aren’t long enough to devote serious thought to a subject; the bells that tell you when it’s time to eat, regardless of when you’re actually hungry; the alienating tedium of standardized testing; these things didn’t develop organically. They were designed by the people who stood to derive the greatest benefit from them.

Who wants to help me reunite with my dog??





I have a 4 month old cocker spaniel that was found and brought to my job. I took him home the same day and fell in love with him! I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. I recently moved into an apartment that never told me dogs were NOT allowed… now…I’m without my baby. In order to get him back, I have to register him to be a service dog, which will cost $113. I’ll also need $225 for the security deposit for the apartment. If anyone can help out in any way, its would be sincerely appreciated! I need my baby back!

The link to the service dog registration will be in my bio.

Anything will help!

1.) There is no service dog registration. It’s all a scam.
2.) You can’t have a service dog if you are not physically or mentally disabled.
3.) Housing can not charge a pet deposit for a service dog because they are legally medical equipment.


1.) You don’t need to be physically or mentally disable to have your pet be registered. 2). I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin where every apartment I’ve visited charges a pet deposit fee. 3.) Who do you think you are to tell me what I’m saying is wrong?

Well what you’re saying is wrong. 

1. There is no registry. But you DO have to be disabled to have a service dog. It is illegal and punishable by fines and jail time if you have a service dog without being disabled (unless you are a trainer).

2. Every apartment you’ve visited charges for PETS. ESAs and service dogs are not pets. If you have a doctor’s note for either, they cannot charge you 

3. You can get a note from your doctor saying that your dog is an ESA. If your doctor agrees this is a part of your treatment, the apartment complex cannot legally charge you the pet fee. In order for your dog to be a service dog, you need to be disabled and your dog has to go through extensive training. There is absolutely no registration for service dogs or ESAs. This link was already provided to you, but I suggest you read it because it will tell you all of the laws and everything regarding service dogs. And will show you that you are extremely misinformed. 

Write an asexual character


If you are not asexual and you want to write an asexual character, start here: You need to actually write an asexual character.

Don’t write an asexual character as yourself minus something. Don’t write an asexual character as a person with a missing piece. Don’t write an asexual character as if their orientation is a hole with nothing filling it. Don’t write an asexual character as if they’re you after you lost something, or you with something you treasure scraped out of you.

Write the asexual character as a person who grew whole without that part, but don’t think of it as a part of them that should be there or used to be there or will be there someday to complete them. Writing asexual characters this way is what makes so many of them feel robotic or alien–it’s the same thing that makes ignorant people ask asexual people in real life if we’re fully alive. Don’t write around a hole, and don’t fill it with a substitute. Write them fully realized, as a person. Yes, depending on the character they may have been hurt, or they may have very serious problems, or they may have a tough time finding happiness (even partially because of their asexuality, like many of us do in real life). But please, write us as people.

As people. Not as ideas with missing hearts.


Talk to asexual people. Read work by asexual people. Ask asexual people to read your work and evaluate your characters.

But most of all? Don’t think of yourself as the baseline and them as defined by how they aren’t like you. Write about them. What do they have?

Know what they have, and write about that.

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