cultural appropriation 101

Seriously guys, wearing a war bonnet without having to suffer blood, sweat and tears for it is so disrespectful to all the servicemen who have sacrificed their lives for this country.

Crow ceremony marks Marine's return from Iraq
Crow ceremony marks Marine's return from Iraq

Finally someone stands up for my people and puts it into words that i couldn’t. Thank you!!!

I love the smell of cultural sensitivity education in the morning.

Those pics are so sweet. ❤

I genuinely didn’t know this thank you for educating me

so wearing war bonnets is equivalent to stolen valor?

Effectively yes.

See, this is a good post because it actually explains why you shouldn’t wear it, not just “because cultural appropriation”

While you’re talking about respect and not appropriating stuff, it’d be nice to then credit the photographer and newspaper that originally published these pictures of Marine Cpl. Ivan Wilson being welcomed home by friends and family after a 7 month tour of Iraq.


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