This picture of me and my boyfriend @smultronprinsen was removed because “women aren’t allowed to expose their nipples as it can be classified as pornographic” EVEN THOUGH OTHER TRANS MEN WITH SMALLER BREASTS GETS TO KEEP THEIR PICTURES

the picture is public, please @ all my comrades, go and comment on how fucking transphobic it is and how damaging it is to trans men when this happens

(Pls reblog and boost bc I want to protect this smol boy and protect him I guess u can imagine the dysphoria he feels and I want him to know that he’s not alone and a lot of ppl care and know he is not a fucking woman as Instagram seems to think)

@newwavenova @newboy-bigworld @useless-swedenfacts @punkrocknd @boyfae @man-in-punk @manicmalo @dissociating-in-dystopia @crashageplay @bpd-amethyst @averyconfusingcouple @skogsprinsen @fuckyeahftms


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