Sea Witch’s Scapegoat


What is a scapegoat?

A scapegoat is an object or perhaps even a sigil or whatever really that takes the curses or negative energy that’s meant for you. Whether it reflects it back to the sender or takes it into itself is something you can choose. However, the one I’m posting about is the former. Scapegoats are WONDERFUL additions to any home. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do I need?

  • Two clam shells. They do need to comfortably fit together, so they should relatively be the same size.
  • Thread to tie the two together. Color depends on you, but since this is for the scapegoat spell, you’ll probably want white for extra protection.
  • Small bells, marbles etc to put inside the shell.
  • Something personal to you. To make it easy it could be a nail clipping or some hair, it just needs to be something you identify as being you.
  • A piece of something reflective. Can be from a mirror, glass, sunglasses, maybe even dimes.

I have everything ready. What do I do?

Cleanse the two shells with ocean water. Hold the two shells together where they would connect, but keep it slightly open. Visualize just enough of your energy filling the inside of the shells. Put in a piece of yourself to help and something to make noise for when you shake it later. And if possible, a small piece of something reflective. Tie the two shells together with the thread. Speak: “Please take all curses and negative energy meant for me and reflect it back to them.” Keep it facing your window of the area you’re in most often.

Shake the shell to become accustomed to the sounds it makes. Sometimes it will make those noises when it is taking the brunt of the negative energy for you so you know when it’s happening. To keep its energies up, simply splash some ocean water on it however often you feel it needs. Once a month seems plenty.

This continues to be my favorite ever spell on this website for some reason unbeknown to me ~ I still have the scapegoat in my window I made from this spell last year, and it works like a *charm*


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