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Teen Found Dead In Police Custody; Police Won’t Give Family Any Details

16 year old Gynnya McMillen was found dead early Monday morning at a juvenile detention center near Elizabethtown, according to the Kentucky Justice Cabinet. A spokesperson told WDRB she couldn’t give any details, except that it happened early Monday morning, Jan. 11.

According to the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet’s statement, the girl was found unresponsive. Officials did not say where she was found and her autopsy reads that she has “no cause of death,” leaving a lot of people asking questions like how a completely healthy teenage girl was found dead without any cause?

McMillens sister took to Facebook asking that her sister’s death not be ignored. She wrote:

“I’m asking that everyone repost and share my sisters story on your pages and in any groups that will help us get it out there. My 16yr old sister died in custody of a detention center but they’re not giving out any info on how she was found and they’re saying her autopsy shows no cause of death. The news channels only played her story one time. We want justice and Kentucky isn’t giving it to us! Thanks for all the prayers and help. Gynnya McMillen”

The family of the victim is saying police won’t give them any information and not a single media source is covering this story.

Police in the area are said to be “investigating the death.” Which we all know what that means…




No cause of death? That’s not how death works! Even sudden death, or death via stress shows signs in the system. This smells of coverup and makes me want to live in this country less and less.

If there was “no cause of death” she’d still be ALIVE!!


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