lms if you’re part of the lgbt mob

We’ve upgraded from Trans Cult

Is it the Trans Mafia or the LGBT Mob? Which is it? 

No no no, okay, it’s actually both. See the Trans Mafia is just one BRANCH of the LGBT Mob. We’ve also got the Gay Gangsters, The Lesbian Lawbreakers, and the Bi Biker Gang. There’s also a team of Asexual Assassins. Rumor is, their next target is Governor Pat McCrory, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Mob Gay, scooping icing off a wedding cake with his finger: “That’s a nice sacred rite you have there… It would be a shame if something real… gay… happened to it.”

Cake Shop Owner, shaking: “please I’m just a god-fearing man who loves his wife and runs this here godly cake shop. I don’t want trouble.”

Mob Gay, chuckling: “Haven’t you heard?” 

Mob Gay, stuffing his icing covered finger into the man’s mouth and leaning close to his ear: God is dead”


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