This facebook post was BLATANTLY plagiarized from my write up on Beyoncé’s “Love Drought” Video, Slavery and the Story of Igbo Landing

Please comment on it and call it out as plagiarism here-


He had the nerve to update it with “(Author Unknown)”. He’s a damn lie.

I messaged him too asking him to take down the post immediately or add my author credit to the writing. This is what he said before blocking me, deleting my comment from the post and adding that Author Unknown bullshit.

This despite the fact that I credited the artist who drew the charcoal rendition of Igbo landing and Beyoncé throughout my original post. While he makes no mention of the artist and literally copy and pasted my writing and threw his watermark over it. 

I can no longer comment on the post and thank people personally there because he blocked me, but a big thanks to everyone that has already commented on the plagiarised post exposing it. If others can as well it is greatly appreciated-

Here is the plagiarised post:


And here is the link to my original post they stole from that you can link to in your comment: Here

Thanks everyone



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