You will be very, very sorry…. Forever.

Gotham Adventures #26

This should be the new “is your Batman remotely like Batman” test. Can your version of Batman be caring enough to hold and care for a small child, yet still menace four criminals into surrendering, and even then still not be scary enough that a civilian can just go up to him and say “hey you holding that baby wrong, you clearly do not know what you’re doing. Let me help.” And he accepts her help, doesn’t try pretend he doesn’t need help because it’d hurt his image. 

That’s Batman.

This is still one of my favorite Batman posts.


People tend to forget that Batman written right IS NOT an anti-hero. He’s a purely noble hero that only uses fear as a tool to fight bad guys.

I still believe we’ll have a Batman movie that really captures Batman’s many facets like the Cartoons did…and this comic.

cause he’s a really good man. 


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