According to the Americans with Disabilities Act the only animals that will be federally recognized as Service Animals are dogs and miniature horses (with restrictions) that have been individually trained to do work or tasks to help mitigate an individuals disability.

While a small number of states do still recognize alternative species as Service Animals the protections that particular state grants do not apply anywhere else, they are not granted federal protections. Because of this if an alternative species Service Animal crosses state lines it is no longer considered a Service Animal.

Wolves and Wolf Hybrid cannot be Service Animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act states only dogs and miniature horses qualify as Service Animals. Wolves or canis lupus, are legally a separate species than domestic k9’s also referred as Canis lupus familiaris. Wolves are not cleared for the Rabies vacancie by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Because of the lack of ability to be fully covered by the Rabies vacancie even in states that recognize alternative species will not recognize Wolves or Wolf Hybrids for public safety reasons.


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