So this is a thing that happened…

Christian Day, a pagan writer and store owner, sent me this love letter after outing my account name on Facebook. Like many people who have an alias on facebook, I have a rather good reason for doing so. (I have a Meatspace stalker, who use to mail me bits of dead things, and threaten my children, because he wanted me to bear only HIS children. It was a living nightmare that I lived for over six months.) Alas… I was not very happy with Mr. Day for this, and told him so.

This screenshot shows his response

You are not misreading that. He actually said “…if he rapes you, please call out my name while he does.”

Facebook has been less than helpful during all this… As a matter of fact, they have sided with HIM, yanking my post with this screenshot on it, and putting my account on a 24 hour hold for “Harassment.” of Mr. Day.

I have… No real game plan at this point, other than not allowing this to go unseen by the many Pagans on the web. I have had such an outpouring of support from my friends and the general pagan community on facebook that it honestly made me cry. On another note, I have had to un-relax, knowing my stalker is still out there and can find me now. But, I will not back down. This shit IS NOT OK for our so called “Pagan Leaders” to do.

Rock on my Beauties… Pass this along if you wish, repost it everywhere, and let us not allow this “Man” to have a moment peace until he answers for what he has done. 

Dear followers, please reblog this. I want it to spread like wildfire. This guy is a real “Big Name Pagan” a famous published author, and he spent months bullying, harassing and threatening my godmother and her daughter over facebook. He owns a franchise shop here in New Orleans, and has systematically been trying to sow seeds of distention among local witches and their shops in order to cripple competition. He’s blatantly (racistly) disrespected our local Voodoo community on the radio saying that you shouldn’t have to go to Haiti to get initiated because it’s a “dirty place”. If you see his so-called “apology” don’t buy the hype. He is openly sexist, racist and classicist. This is not the first time he’s done something like this, he is not sorry. He needs to be held responsible for his actions. 

This is fucking sick.


He owns two shops, Hex and Omen. HEX is in both Salem, MA and New Orleans, LA and Omen is just in Salem, MA. Avoid him like the plague he is and don’t let him or the people he associates with profit off you (they, Laurie Cabot groupies, own shops in Salem too).

Christian’s at it again.

He threatened to kill a nearby shop owner’s dog (Pumpkin from New England Magic who is ADORABLE) a few years ago out of a nasty feud with the owner, who is SO SWEET!  Of course he denied it.

His boyfriend Brian is just as sick when it comes to people who support Lori Bruno (that fucking feud…oh my GOD.  Don’t even get me STARTED on that).


He’s a media whore…He actually said this to me. He has no problem admitting this to me.  He knows how to cause controversy because “Well, bad publicity is still publicity…The Wicked Witch will still fly!”

This is why I can’t stand Salem now.  This sick bullshit.

Seriously, avoid Crow Haven Corner (my experience with this place written about here), Hex, Omen, and Enchanted (my experience written about here)  They’re all closely linked with one another because of their relationships with Laurie Cabot.

Bringing this back as a reminder

Christian Day is mega trash.


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