Bill O’Reilly just managed to come off worse than Donald Trump. Not only is O’Reilly’s stereotyping of black Americans offensive — it’s hypocritical.

Update: Larry Wilmore saw this O’Reilly segment and had some words for the Fox News host.

But he didn’t stop there. Wilmore invited his viewers to join in:

And they did.

Update: Did you think Larry was done with Bill O’Reilly? Guess again.

This week O’Reilly doubled down on his comments and was even upset by the people accusing him of racism.

Larry Wilmore was having none of that.

Larry was clearly frustrated by all this, so he did the only thing he could to get through to Bill O’Reilly.

Enter Preacher Wilmore.

And the audience response made his sermon even better.

Yo………………….. I love my people I SWEAR. 😑


YOOOO He did not just call him a racist, but he called him a fuckin devil. I love this so much.


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