Also: please thoroughly clean feeders every 2-3 days, or more frequently if it’s quite hot where you live! Spoiled/moldy sugar water kills birds. If you find this wasteful, simply put less food out at a time. You can store the extra in the fridge for several days. Choose a feeder that is easy to clean, and you will be more likely to use it. “Hummzinger” type feeders with two parts (a tray and a lid) are very easy to maintain. They make several sizes too; a mini is great if you have infrequent visitors. I have mine hung in a window and we delight in it, but moreover it allows me to see the sugar water level and I am less likely to forget to clean it regularly because I see it every time I glance outside.

Make it “easy” to remember and easy to clean and you are more likely to do it. 🙂

Someone added, and I agree: Please use only white cane sugar. No maple, honey, brown sugar, Jello (yes I have heard of people doing this), Palm sugar, etc. White sugar is best because it most closely mimics the sucrose found in plants that they eat normally, and the impurities found in dark sugars (that humans sometimes consider to be healthy/minerals etc) can actually spoil the mixture more quickly.


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