i blocked out the name of the OP but:

this post was made by my abuser please please please stop reblogging it

i don’t have the energy to disclose the OP’s URL publicly but if you recognize this post/reblogged it you know who i’m talking about. please don’t reblog their posts if we’re mutuals.

sorry for this. i just can’t take it anymore, and this post references subtly things that happened between us and behavior that i exhibited as a trauma victim.

this post feels like a punch in the gut and i can’t take seeing it anymore

the user is livelyspaghetti who is most active in reptiblr circles. receipts are at @winterspeaks (tw csa). as someone who has followed & looked up to their blog i’m completely shocked & horrified by what i’ve read. i don’t know how many reptile ppl actually follow me but this is not someone you should be following/reblogging.


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