Kirk Cameron thinks a woman should follow her husband no matter how she’s treated

In a recent interview with ChristianPost, Kirk Cameron said marriages comes with guidelines essentially forcing women to remain obedient and loyal to their male counterpart. He also had some advice for husbands.

Kirk Cameron has spent so much time living off of apologetics, the study of being right about everything, that he actually thinks God cares more about continuing and defending the Church’s history of oppression than about apologizing for the way the Church has abused women, turned sexual desires into a mechanical thing, and promoted institutional racism. It’s shameful, not something to be proud of. Jesus did not want people to act like the world does. All these Christians are fooling themselves if they think God shares these values.

I guess it works for them to believe that God only talked to the men who wrote the Bible, and not anyone else? They’ve just put God in a tiny human box, while claiming to have done the opposite.

Jesus forgives you, Kirk. It’s never too late to repent and stop promoting Man’s authority over God’s.

This disgusts me. On every level.


I am the furthest possible thing from Christian, and this kind of bullshit is part of the reason why. This man is disgusting and should not be listened to by ANYONE.


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