I go to SFSU and there have been news vans by campus for a couple of days’s some proof that the video didn’t capture everything that happened

(Submitted by @youremypleasure)

He called her a bitch (allegedly, seeing as this person has no proof aside from their word) after she tried to hand him a flier, then pulled it away and said “Not with that hair”, which he then responded with calling her a bitch. If he actually did say that, he was responding to someone making an unprovoked comment about his body.

“While passing out flyers in Malcolm X plaza, I saw a white male approaching with dreads. Triggered, I unconsciously move my arm holding the flyer further. He does not approach me to receive a flyer and continues on to his destination. Attempting to react to what triggered me, I jokingly say in a quiet voice “Not with that hair” in the opposite direction of him.” Is what Bonita wrote. He was minding his business and she provoked the confrontation. 

This whole thing was caught on camera. Him calling her a bitch in response to her comment is not reason to assault him, nor is it reason to rip his bracelet off and throw it away. So it’s assault and damage of property. She blocked him off when he tried to leave the situation and grabbed him. Then, when she discovered someone was recording her assaulting this boy, she tries to knock his camera from his hand and he’s currently pressing charges.  She has no excuse for putting her hands on him. Period.


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