Cellphone video of transgender woman Pearl Love being physically and verbally assaulted on New York City’s No. 4 train was posted to Facebook on Monday. Pearl was on her way to New York City’s LGBT Community Center when the female passenger began to berate her. In addition to the above, she has two other videos showing the woman chasing her around the subway car. Why Pearl isn’t planning on filing a police report at this time.

Update: On Monday night, Sarah Eldridge, the woman who assaulted Taiwanese transgender woman Pearl Love on the New York City subway on April 28, spoke out and said she feels like the victim.

“Don’t judge me unless you know me,” Eldridge said to PIX11 in an exclusive interview, “That person offended me in a way because she was to me, explicit. I couldn’t stand it.“ When asked if she’d apologize, Eldridge had a frank response.

Cis woman assaults and harasses a trans women then feels like the victim for getting backlash from her actions, what a shocker
I hope this video comes up to potential employers every time Sarah Elridge tries to get a job

“Don’t judge me unless you know me.”

I’m sorry, but that logic does not apply here. We saw what you did. You didn’t like the way someone presented themselves and their gender and verbally abused them, then proceeded to attack them. 

I don’t need to know you to know you’re a transphobic pile of shit. I don’t need to know you to know you’re a racist pile of shit (seeing as she threw slurs at the woman she attacked due to her ethnicity). I don’t feel bad for you and you aren’t the victim. I pray your child doesn’t grow to be as awful as you are.


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