Greg Ellis, voice of Cullen in Dragon Age, is reportedly missing. Via friend Jeff Rosenthal, Ellis allegedly was a no-show for a scheduled visit with his sons, and reportedly is “in need of mental health assistance.” The two have talked on Twitter in the past as friends, so the information on Ellis’s disappearance appears legitimate.

If you’ve had any contact with Greg Ellis in the past 24 hours, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

Confirmed. This is not a hoax.

Please signal boost! D:

For those who can’t look at the link, which leads to the BioWare forums:

Collection of info for the people who want to help:

Call Missing Person Units for LAPD (213-996-1800) if there is any contact. Ask regarding Jonny Rees, Case: #161511285

(thanks @gamewithnikki)

Do NOT search for his wife and badger her with questions. Call the LAPD, or tweet at @Jeff_Rosie if you can’t call, or retweet linked tweets.


Anonymous call to the MPU LAPD:


Dedective Palmer: 213.996.1800

Other details to help with the search: (thanks @Jeff_Rosie)

Last seen Wednesday (11th). 2:15 pm PST in North Hollywood.

– No social media activity since 12th May.

Last Twitter activity was 4:32 PM PST 12th of May (posting a Whosay link)

Last Whosay activity was 10th of May

Last facebook activity was 4:32 PM PST 12th of May (posting a Whosay link). Facebook seems to be linked to twitter.

Jonny is bipolar. Refuses help. has told people otherwise.

– Last seen very manic and shirtless at his house. Friends are sure that he’s having a manic episode.

Left all ID and phone in his house.

– Was reported missing when he didn’t show up to meet his kids.

Hospitals have been notified.

Not at the NoHo park (Thanks Allegra).

– Not answering any social media requests. (Able to view facebook hidden things, see Instagram profiles, whosay friends, etc)

By 5PM PST Wednesday his house was found with all doors open, keys wallet, and phone in his house, but Greg absent.

Pure speculation:

– 7 days ago he posted a WhoSay about spending the night on top of a hill. People are speculating that he might be there.

I’ll try to update this post as it progresses but I hope that he’s found before I have to and gets the help he needs.


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