Meteorologist forced to cover up on air

Meteorologist Liberté Chan was in the middle of her forecast when she was given a cardigan to cover up. Viewers were apparently writing in, appalled by her outfit. In a second video posted to her Facebook page, Chan and a coworker read some of the “angry emails” and responded.

What kind of bullshit is this? It’s the fucking WEATHER. Who cares what

At first I thought it was lots of grandmas emailing in saying ‘put on a jacket i feel cold looking at you’ but then I was disappointed because it was just plain old sexist bullshit instead.

My question would be:  “Why was it considered acceptable for a grown woman to be in a cocktail dress on air when her male counterparts are in business suits?  Should her outfit not be more reflective of proper business attire?  You don’t see anchor men wearing formal tuxedos which is the male equivalent to the cocktail dress.”


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