I’m probably gonna lose followers for this but you know what? Someone has to be the one to say this. This post is meant to be educational, and I hope some of you cis folk out there can understand a little better after reading this.

These pictures are all of scars that I have personally inflicted upon myself in response to the massive amounts of transphobia I face on a -daily basis-. I am constantly intentionally misgendered, or told “You’re wasting those huge boobs God gave you.” I’m gonna be real with you, comments like this make me -starve myself-. I feel like a lot of cis people try to mean some things they say as compliments but they can be very damaging to people like me.
I did not choose to have large breasts any more than I chose to be Transgender. It’s just part of my own daily hell I have to deal with.
Please for the love of all that is good in the world. Please do not ever tell a trans/non-binary person he/she/they are not their desired gender “yet”. This is a disgusting, hurtful thing to tell someone. I had someone yesterday call me “gurl”, and when I corrected him, saying I was a guy he made an assy remark of “Not yet”. I have stopped talking to people for this. Comments like this -eat- at me, sometimes for DAYS after they’re made towards me.

The TL; DR of this post is: Please, just be more respectful, don’t invalidate people.

This is important, guys. 


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