Incorporating natural cordage into witchcraft

Natural cordage is easy, quick, and an amazing component to make. It can easily add a boost to any spell requiring string or rope.

What you shall do:

1: Grab two plant fibers and twist the one on top away from you.

2: Fold the the top fiber on top of the bottom fiber, therefore bringing the bottom fiber to the top.

3: Do the same with the bottom fiber, now on top, and continue to do this repetitive gesture until the desired length of cordage is made.

Cordage and uses:

Thistle: For this one, you want to grab the thistle plant, and remove the leaves and fruit. Be careful, as those are pretty spiky. Wear gloves if needed. Then, you want to grab a blunt object and hit the stem hard enough for the fibers to start separating, but not hard enough for them to break. Thistle can be used for binding, or to put up a spiky ward.

Nettle: Same method as above. Use this one for any curses, or hexes you want to perform.

Grass: Pretty self explanatory, grab the grass blades and twist them into a string. Grass can be used for spirit work, especially sweetgrass, or to make witch’s ladders.

Dogbane: Harvest the plant after its seed pods have developped. You want to scrape the outer bark off and then start gently pressing the plant until it starts seperating. At this point you may want to roll it betweem you palms and get the fibers out. Dogbane can be used for spirit work, protection, or keeping someone or something at bay.


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