You know what is always gross – but especially in this context? – trying to police when, how & where a woman should smile.

If I had been abused, you bet your ass my girlfriends would have taken me out and tried to distract me and cheer me up and make me smile and laugh immediately after I told them what had transpired. I feel genuinely, deeply sorry for anyone who doesn’t have those kinds of friends. “The Smile Police” can go fuck themselves.

This is really just saying if you come forward with abuse you better not be happy

the scare quotes around ‘physically abusive’

“20 million reasons to smile” fucking gutter scum.

I’d be smiling too if I was finally granted a divorce and restraining order against the man who abused me. It’s almost like it would be a fucking relief.

The whole “she’s only accusing him for the money and these other women saying they were abused/raped too are faking it to get money too” trope is what kills abuse/rape cases and tells the victim to never tell a soul.


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