#jewishcomicsday art of the magnus family having passover seder!


Don’t African people wish they were German Jews.. huh? Trying to rewrite history as you African people always do. This (and YOU) are disgrace for America.

you people are disgrace on making Germans black African are disgrace people 

Excuse me. How dare you. 

First of all Jews are not European. Jews who lived in Germany were not German. They were not white.

We are a middle eastern people. Many of look like we are from the middle east.

You are clearly not Jewish especially going through your tumblr that is clear. 

Do not fucking talk over Jews or decide what Jews do and do not look like.

@bikenesmith has drawn a frankly awe inspiring art here that is just so beautiful and full of hope that is brings tears to my eyes.

Looking at your tumblr you show that you clearly do not understand Erik as character or what he should really be like in the films which have done a shitty job with him and are antisemitic as fuck.

Yes, you got it right when you said he is an anti-hero not a villain, but beyond that, no.

Only in one post is his Jewishness mentioned which how can that be when it is so integral to him.

Your racism and anti-blackness is showing through in your tags and it is disgusting. 

I for one an ecstatic to see art with Jewish characters who look ethnically Jewish which is exactly what we have here.

Art with dark skinned Erik is so fucking rare that it like finding gems when you find art with it.

I love this piece and I love how @bikenesmith draws Erik. 

So acolytes-r-loyal shut the fuck up. Fassbender is not Jewish and thus should never have been picked to play to Erik. Also Fassbender is an abuser and thus should have been in jail.

@bikenesmith please ignore this person and keep on doing you because you are fantastic and so is your art.

Also, you are aware that…not all dark-skinned people are black, right? That there are dark-skinned Romani and Sepharic/Mizrahi Jews who are not black, but are still distinctly not white? And that the family in this picture doesn’t look “black” per se, right?

And yes, this is gorgeous.


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