“Without a doubt, that’s happened to somebody else and it will continue,” said Gill. “They know they can do this and that they can get away with it.”

Source 1

Source 2

If these things can be substantiated, I think Canadian human rights groups should honestly speak up.

Americans can wail all day about our police force – they don’t care. But if other countries make it clear that they will not have their citizens abused and take measures to discourage travel to the US, maybe someone will listen. Money talks.

#PoliceAbuse #Cops #America #Police


She filed three complaints with the US Border Service and all three were deleted. Only now that Canadian police are investigating and the Federal government in Canada is getting involved is the U.S. Customs going to start to look into the “allegations”.  There is a caveat though which goes like this from a US Customs spokesman – 

“If a traveller feels they have been mistreated or that the inspection was not conducted in a professional manner, they should ask to speak with a CBP supervisor immediately.” In other words, she didn’t speak to the supervisor in a timely manner we’re not going to follow up on it. 


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