a little over a month ago, zach ( @applesmokedwood ) was hit by a car, the collision resulted in traumatic brain damage – he fell into a coma and has been in the hospital ever since. so far he’s been able to squeeze hands and finally lift his head up thanks to the treatments he’s been receiving (!!) but we all know how pricey those can be. his family set up a gofundme to help cover his hospital stay and any other part of the recovery process. please consider donating. if you can’t help financially any reblogs, thoughts, and prayers are very appreciated.


update from the family’s gofundme: good news!! zach is now following more commands and answering questions with thumbs up and down, he even smiled when he was shown a gift (a picture of the family with comments from his sister).

he’s making lots of progress but the family still needs help, please signal boost if you can 🙂


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