I don’t want to pull for the lesser of two evils. I want to pull for the good.

So basically you openly admit that you were jack shit out of ideas and looked around for what you could copy??

(Point the first)

(Point the second)

I grew up in both Germany and Japan. I’ve read and studied the original source material. Wanna know what the power struggles inside the fascist camps were about? – The differences in desired personal gain.

One group was so frothing-at-the-mouth obsessed with annihilating those they deemed undesirable, they were willing to sacrifice everyone’s future to that goal. (And before you get too comfortable in your chair with notions like “well, yeah, bad for the jews but that wouldn’t touch me” – “undesirables” were jews, people with dark skin (and not just people of middle eastern or african descent; you got Spanish or Greek or Italian roots? Better start watching your back), people with political opinions, people with differing tastes in art or music or literature, people with chronic diseases (asthma? Here is your ticket for deportation, not to mention severe obesity), people of differing sexual orientations and people with disorderly crimes against their name (ever started shit on a friday night? Ever lifted something from a shop? Ever “optimised” an application or insurance information? That shit would get you to Dachau faster than you think. And in case you are still thinking “well, that STILL doesn’t mean me!” Congratulations. You are a different birth date away from having joined the Wehrmacht or SS.)

The other group was aiming for absolutely entrenching themselves in power. They were willing to wait on the gas chambers and the mass executions if it helped them win the war and annihilate the foreign threats to their power. After that, the bets were off.

So basically, Mr. Spencer, by saying you want to explore the power struggles within the fascist parties using Steve, you are basically saying: “Steve Rogers is either an inhuman sadist or a power hungry megalomaniac. Who is interested in finding out which?”

The answer is: no one. Because we loved and remember Steve for saying “I want to protect people” and “I don’t want to hurt anyone”.

I will honour Steve Rogers. And I wish you had done your little thought experiment by picking up a history book, instead of involving him.

^^^^ THIS.

Wow, this is even douchier than the first wave of self-congratulatory bullshit about why Hydra!Cap. “I really wanted to write about Nazis, but nobody wants to read about them, so what if I made someone everyone likes a secret Nazi regardless of whether that in any way makes sense?” 

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You reference Man In The High Castle as 1. Inspiration and 2. Justification for ‘edgy’ lesser of two evils bullshit plotlines?

Congrats, you’ve completely missed the point of that book

why are you idiots so intent on collapsing the comics industry all over again

grim’n’gritty 2dark4u doesn’t fucking sell we learned that in the 90s

I mean that and unbelievably short-term and shitty business decisions but that shit didn’t help

Oh God, I can see it now…

Captain America:I might be a Nazi, but I’m not THAT bad. I’m one of the GOOD Hydra guys.


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