Ruh roh. W3 is holding a potato leaf with a brood of about 60 Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) eggs. They seem to be moving from the weedy spiny nightshades in the field to the potatoes. They can lay 800 eggs in their lifetime, and can skeletonize the leaves of an entire potato crop. Time to weed and mulch the potatoes heavily to inhibit the movement of these critters. Luckily the plants are also covered in ladybug nymphs, which eat the potato bug eggs. What agroecolgical methods do you do to control these pests? #coloradopotatobeetle #leptinotarsadecemlineata #tenstripedspearman #tenlinedpotatobeetle #potatobug #insecteggs #agroecology #heirloompotatoes #ruhroh #backgroundcrocks #didyoureadallmyhashtags


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