Horrifying letter to judge from Brock Turner’s friend surfaces

Another disturbing letter from Brock Turner’s case has emerged, this one from friend Leslie Rasmussen. Rasmussen doesn’t seem to agree that Brock is a rapist. Instead, Leslie blames the pervasive problem of rape on campus on “political correctness.“ And then there’s that final line: “Rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists.” One tweet nailed why this makes no f***ing sense.

This is beyond belief. Rape happens because some people are fucking rapists. Pure and simple.

Think of it like this: you are on a college campus. You see some girl obviously drunk who is unconscious, by herself, outside. What is your first instinct? If it’s “oh shit, this girl needs some help, let me see if I can find anyone who knows her, and barring that, let me help her get somewhere safe”, then congratulations, you are an actual human being and not a rapist.

But this kid saw the girl, a stranger, unconscious, outside, alone, and his first instinct was “I’m gonna put my dick in her”.

Yeah, that sounds like a rapist to me.

I don’t care how much she had to drink. I don’t care how much HE had to drink. Rape is rape. And rapists deserve whatever bad happens to them. End of fucking story.

Turner blamed his raping a woman on “party culture”, now his girlfriend here says political correctness made him do it.


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