First off, yes Tris ( @turning-through-the-never​ ) and I are alright, at least in the fact that we were nowhere near Pulse in Orlando.

My heart is broken to wake up to this news.
I’m a Florida native, I’ve worked at Disney for a long time now…
I’ve gone to this bar,  in fact I was just AT this bar a couple weekends ago.
I have friends that work and go there often…and although most of them have checked in safely, there’s still others I’ve not heard from and that feeling is sickening right now.

If you’re in the area, please go donate blood as neither Tris nor myself are able to do so no matter how clean we are.

RIP you beautiful souls.

Here’s a link to a post about where to donate if you can:  CLICK

You don’t have to be in Orlando to donate since most places are at capacity for today and asking folks to come back in the following days, here’s a list of Tampa areas as well that you can go to —- >  HERE

Also there’s this from their twitter…guidelines are still in place 

Essentially this means that the gay community cannot even donate blood to help the gay community unless you’ve not had same sex relations for the past year.  I won’t even get into my feelings on that, but there are other ways to help if you fall into the category that cannot donate:

There is a GoFundMe page set up by The Center (it’s a local LGBT community center) in coordination with various other similar organizations, that is raising money for victims/families of victims, so if you wish to help, you can donate: 


Reblogging for GoFundMe info


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