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how to tell if a faerie is nearby



  • soft, chiming bells
  • a strong scent of grass, apples, or wild violets
  • strange, haunting, jovial music
  • mysterious giggling that comes out of thin air
  • mushroom circles
  • large patches of four-leaf clovers
  • you are followed by a crow or a raven
  • tiny knots in your hair

@nakeybreakyheart stop tying knots in my hair

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Witch tips


1. Use oats in a sock when you bath for soft skin
2. Epsom salts in your bath with some lavender flowers and essential oils makes for a relaxing detox bath throw in some candles meditation music and a few amethysts and it’s lovely
3. Use witch hazel to calm pimples and help with cuts or burns
4. Rose water and witch hazel can be used as a face mist for moisturising and getting rid of spots
5. Use honey and sherry to help a sore throat and cough whiskey works too
6. Honey and sugar makes a great lip scrub
7. For am extreme moisture mask pack some wer oats on your face and let it dry then rinse and pat dry
8. Drink green tea with mint for concentration and detox
9. Bring equal amounts grapefruit juice and sugar to a simmer to make a wonderful syrup to mix in tea for iced tea or with plain water for a lovely detoxing drink
10. If you’re a shy person keep a green ribbon or charm with you when you go out for confidence
11. Study with a peppermint smell near you then when the time comes to use that knowledge suck on a peppermint this jogs the memory

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maxinesarahart: Plant some bee friendly plants in your garden!  This piece features: raspberry, blueberry, bluebell, aster, clover, crocus, wattle, eucalyptus, tulip, and lavender. 

A Talisman Against Unwanted Sexual Attention


Since I’ve begun the Plant Ally Project, I’ve been wondering what spells different parts of pine trees could be used for. Pine cones are prickly, which makes them great for defensive spells, and as they’re one of two reproductive parts of a pine tree, they’re particularly great for spells of a sexual nature. Putting two and two together, here follows a spell that repels unwanted sexual attention. (While the cones are


biologically as “female,” this spell is not exclusively for women. People of all sexes and genders can use this spell effectively.)

Note: If you are being harassed for any reason, tell someone in a position to help you and take action to stop it. Don’t stay silent. Don’t put up with it. Don’t try to deal with it on your own. This spell is meant as a general deterrent and supplement, not a replacement for taking action against deliberate and repeat offenders. 

You will need:

– a pine cone
– lavender essential oil
– water
– a spray bottle
– an oven
– plastic sealable bag
– thread or yarn (you can choose a color that best communicates protection and defense – I use black, but that’s me; I discourage using warm, stimulating colors like red, orange, or yellow, though)

What to do:

1. Go out and get a pine cone in a size that’s suitable for using as a charm – no bigger than your palm. Rinse off any dirt and debris with water.

2. Preheat the oven to 200° F. When it’s heated, place the pine cone on a cookie sheet and bake it for about an hour (this draws out and dries up the sap, kills any parasites/microbes/yucky things, and opens up the cones fully). When the time is up, take it out and let it cool completely before handling it.

3. Mix a few drops of lavender oil with some clean water in a spray bottle. When the pine cone has cooled, place it in the plastic bag and spritz it thoroughly with the lavender water.

4. Seal the bag and shake it up, visualizing a protective barrier that repels unwanted glances, remarks, etc., emanating from the pine cone and surrounding your body. Open the bag, spritz generously once more, seal and shake again while visualizing the same barrier.

5. Store it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight for two to three weeks. Once a week, shake it up while visualizing the barrier.

6. After the incubation period is over, take the pine cone out of the bag. If it’s a little slick, set it out to dry out for a bit. Then tie the yarn around the pine cone, depending on how you want it to hang. Knot it – you could knot it nine times, using the 9 Knots Charm, or you can come up with your own charm for however many knots you feel is necessary to establish and bind the spell’s energy and purpose to the talisman. If you know how to crochet, you can also replace the knots with chain stitches!

7. Tie the end of the thread/yarn to an object you’ll be carrying around with you when you expect unwanted sexual attention/advances – a book bag, brief case, phone (if it’s small enough to serve as a phone charm), purse, your car’s rear-view mirror, etc.

You can make several of these at the same time if you want them in multiple places or to distribute them to friends and others who might need some extra protection.

Stay safe, my friends!

Proof of Time Travel








Could time travel exist? Some people believe so. Look at these images and see what you think.

1. The Chinese Swiss Watch. Back in 2008, a 400 year old tomb was opened. Archaeologists were shocked to discover this small watch among the artifacts. The back of the watch is engraved with the word “Swiss”. They have no explanation of how this modern watch came to be in an unopened 400 year old tomb.

2. Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone. Viewers watching the extras section of the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus” noted this person seemed to be talking on a cell phone. Others have claimed it was an ear trumpet, a horned device used to help those who were hard of hearing to hear. If that’s true, skeptics argue, who would she be talking to? Why is she laughing and talking if no one is there to hear but herself?

3. 1940s Hipster. This picture was taken at a small opening event in 1941.Time travel enthusiasts were quick to point out how this man stood out. He appears to be wearing a hooded sweatshirt and printed t-shirt, and holding a modern camera.

4. Rudolph Fentz. Rudolph apparently vanished without a trace in 1876. That alone wouldn’t be enough to constitute time travel, except that he turned up again…in the 1950s. Fentz allegedly materialized in a New York street, where he was struck by a car and died. Police were baffled as to what happened, especially when they found his pockets to only hold currency from the 1800s.

5. The Man in the Book. A couple was perusing an old book store when they happened across a book with this photograph included. It shows a group from 1917, but this man sticks out. His hair is disheveled and his clothing doesn’t fit in with the time period. Also note how the man beside him his staring at him, as though he too is aware of the strangeness.


You missed the best one! The Abydos Helicopter

This scares the shit out of me

Now this is a conspiracy theory I can get behind

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I’m here for this.

@antipodean-beauty TIME TRAVEL IS REAL