Reptile/small animal owners!

Josh’s Frogs (a site I really like) is now carrying and having a sale on realistic bones/fossil decor.


Haha guess who spent all day hallucinating really bad and kind of partially gutted themselves because they thought that there was something trapped under their skin and still can’t get an appointment with their doctor because they keep being told to leave messages (they never answer their phone) and they never respond. 8D

I still can’t stop shaking and I had to use a lot of my styptic powder (I keep some for the animals) to stop the bleeding. I can’t go to the hospital, I just can’t. I don’t have the money or the ability to handle it if they try to institutionalize me.

I’m wrapped up in an electric blanket on high and still freezing.

I don’t know what to do. I’m so tired of this. And now I have to worry about hiding the cuts and all from roommate, who likes to grope me every time he sees me, and roommate’s parents. The vet tech schooling stuff got delayed, and I really really really need my own place so I can get a service dog and just…have some quiet and privacy but it looks like that day isn’t coming for a long damn time if ever.

I’m just so tired.

I made a FurVilla paintie thats…kiiinda my ‘sona if I really did furry stuff anymore? I can’t post it on the site because I don’t have any FD, though.

Does anyone know any playthrough channels that don’t feature constant yelling? I like watching playthroughs of games I probably will never get to play, but I can’t watch stuff that is nothing but constant screaming, so most let’s play channels (especially the more popular ones) I can’t deal with. Any suggestions?

Haha don’t you just love having a breakdown in a store getting groceries because the machine froze and you have three people who work at the store standing over you trying to make it work and it won’t and everyone’s staring at you and oh hey did I mention it turns out I can get seizures?

Fuck everything.